Friday, January 07, 2005

The Tsunami and Human Security by Numbers

  • Most recent estimate of confirmed dead from the December 26, 2004 Tsunami: 150,000 (BBC)
  • WHO's estimate of the number of injured: 500,000 (BBC)
  • Canadian Government assistance for Tsunami Relief: $80 Million (CBC)
  • Government of Canada's 2003-2004 surplus: $9.1 Billion (Dept. of Finance)
  • Total cost of implementing Canada's disaster relief team to Sri Lanka for 1.5 month operation: $20 Million (CBC)
  • Percentage of Canada's total aid this accounts for: 25%
  • Estimated number of months that emergency aid will be needed in Aceh, according to the Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono: 24 (BBC)
  • Canadian Government assistance for the reconstruction efforts in Iraq since the US-led invasion: $300 Million (CIDA)
  • Total Canadian Government assistance to Afghanistan (2001-2009): $615 Million (CIDA)
  • Reported number of Iraq's killed since the US-led invasion: 16,000 (
  • Indonesia's total foreign debt approximately US$80.9 Billion (South African Business Report)
  • Indonesia's debt to the Government of Canada: $588 Million (The Globe and Mail)
  • Total Iraqi debt to Canada at the time of the invasion: $750 Million (CIDA)
  • US reconstruction for Iraq: 3.6 Billion (The Brookings Institute)
  • US contributions for Tsunami: 350 Million (BBC)
  • Average number of US troops deployed in Iraq over 2004: 142,000 (BBC)
  • Number of US troops active in the Tsunami relief efforts: 12,000 (BBC)
  • Japan's Contribution to the Tsunami relief efforts: US$500 Million (BBC)
  • Japan's contribution to the 1991 Gulf War: US$13 Billion (China Daily)
  • Estimated number of displaced Afghanis living in temporary camps: 167,000 (The IDP Project, Norwegen Refugee Council)
  • UN estimate of the number of people displaced by the tsunami disaster: 5 million (BBC)
  • Estimated number of dead in the Darfur conflict as of December 21, 2004: 70,000 (UN)
  • Estimated number of people displaced by the Darfur conflict as of July 2004: 1,050,000
  • Total aid contributed to all humanitarian efforts in Darfur up to January 2005: US$250 Million (UNOCHA)
  • Intensity of the Dec. 26, 2004 earthquake in Bam, Iran: 6.5
  • Factor by which of the intensity of the quake that caused the Tsunami exceeded the one in Bam: 315
  • Estimate number of people killed in the Bam Quake: 43,000
  • Canadian Government assistance to the victims in Bam: $1.55 Million
  • Number of Bam residence who survived, who were still living in tents and temporary dwellings as of December 26, 2004: most of the 155,000 survivors (UN)

Thanks to Alex Hill (Alternatives) who compiled the above data.

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