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Crisis in Aceh ~ Latest Information on PBI's Clients and Other Activists

Following is the update on Aceh from Rais Richard Zaidi (PBI Canada), another CAGI's member.


These are the groups that PBI works with in Aceh:

Flower Aceh ~ RPuK ~ RATA ~ Koalisi ~ PB HAM ~ LBH ~ LBH Apik

As well, Nonviolence International has started a databases for missing persons in Aceh - (click on the english link on the right if you cannot read Indonesian)

05.01.06 Aceh clients update

Here are new information about our clients that I’ve managed to collect until today. Anna

I still can’t contact Koalisi members (except Kurdinar) and check how they are doing.

Kurdinar is now in Medan together with his wife and a child. He is trying to get ticket to Jakarta (it’s very expensive) and from Jakarta will go to Bandung, because his parents live there.

SMS from Kurdinar Dec. 30: ‘I have to evacuate and in few days will go to Medan to seek for asylum.’ SMS Jan. 1: ‘Can I ask for the contact details of the volunteers in Medan, because I’m planning to go there soon?’

SMS from Ikhsan (PB HAM Aceh Selatan) Dec. 30: ‘The South Aceh is not very damage and I’m now in Banda Aceh. All the people from Koalisi are safe, except Zul Prima we still don’t know where he is. I don’t know anything about PB HAM A. Barat, until now can’t contact them.’

I heard that Koalisi office is totally destroyed. Still no SMS contact with other Koalisi members.

On January 1, after I received the SMS from Kurdinar, the team called some friends in Medan and ask about the refugee camp and they sent the address to Kurdinar.

PB HAM ACEH BARAT ~ It’s still impossible to contact anyone in west Aceh and no one knows if they survived.

PB HAM ACEH PIDIE ~ I still can’t get in touch with them (phone or SMS), but Sibylle got SMS from Hasan Basri, they are fine, although the office is destroyed.

PB HAM ACEH SELATAN ~ Ikhsan said that the situation in South Aceh is not very bad and he is in Banda Aceh (see Koalisi). We don’t know about other members and PB HAM office. I’ve sent SMS to Ikhsan, but it couldn’t be delivered (I can’t call as well) and there is no new information from him.

SMS from Jufriadi Dec. 29 and Dec. 30: ‘I need all kind of help for Central Aceh and to distribute it in Aceh Bireuen.’

SMS Dec. 31: ‘We need medicines, food, old cloths and kitchen supplies; you can send it to PB HAM office. If u can please send it as soon as possible, so it can be distributed immediately, because most of the people are focused on Banda Aceh and not other areas.’

SMS from Samir Dec. 31: ‘We need medicines and food for refugees. Thanks for the attention.’

SMS from Iskandar Dec. 29: ‘All my family died because of tsunami, only I and my mother stay alive. We need food.’

SMS Dec. 31: ‘I was in Banda Aceh, but now I’m back in Takengon (the capital of Central Aceh), because here are also refugees from Banda Aceh.’

As I know Central Aceh wasn’t hit very strong by the earthquake and tsunami, but they also need help for refugees, especially food and medicines. Looks like their office wasn’t destroyed by the disaster and they are working as usually.

Check-in call with Nek Suh Dec. 28: ‘East Aceh is not very affected by the earthquake and tsunami, but there are some refugees and no humanitarian organization to help them. Recently in East Aceh there were few armed clashes and there is still danger of being kidnapped.’

I had a feeling that the situation in their office is as usually, they are doing investigations in the field and Nek Suh is not paying a lot of attention to the disaster in Aceh. On December 31 I SMSed Arma, but didn’t hear back from her.

E-mail from Yusuf Puteh Dec. 29: ‘We all are fine, but busy helping the victims. In Lhokseumawe and even more in Banda Aceh we need masks (hygienic?), mineral water, food and satellite phones. Maybe in about two days we will go to Banda Aceh. Thank you for your attention.’

SMSes from PB HAM volunteers: Iskandar and Murtala, both are fine. The PB HAM office wasn’t destroyed and is open.

Phone call from Murtala Jan. 1: ‘How are you? Who is now in Jakarta? When are you going to Aceh? We hope we can meet soon in Lhokseumawe. It’s better for PBI to go now, because no one knows what will happen later, maybe there will be civil emergency status one more time.’

There is still no information about Ifah, although I’m asking everyone, who might know something.

Phone call from Taqin Dec. 31: ‘I’m fine, but my father died and my brother is injured. I don’t know how Ifah is. I’m in Pidie now and the worst situation here is near the sea, there are a lot of refugees. We need food and medicines. You can send it to my village.’

Imparsial got information that Ratna is safe, but I couldn’t contact her personally. I still don’t know how Ifah is and there is no one, who can provide some information. There is also no news from other LBH members.

On January 5, I got e-mail from Fatimah: 'We are all fine in Lhokseumawe, but the office is destroyed. Until today we don’t have any information about people from LBH Apik, who were in Banda Aceh like Ipah, Eti, Ubit and others. Maimul Fidar from Koalisi NGO and Muhammad from Walhi as well as their families died. We in Lhokseumawe also have to search for our family members, who are still missing.'

SMS from Murni Dec. 31: ‘All LBH Apik members are fine. I’m in Banda Aceh in my parent’s house. The situation in North Aceh is not very bad, but in Banda Aceh there are a lot of refugees. Until now I don’t know how Ifah is (LBH), because her house is very close to the see.’

Check-in call with Nana (RPuK Lhokseumawe) Dec. 28: ‘The LBH Apik office and Fatima’s house is destroyed, Fatima left to Banda Aceh to look for her family.’

SMS from Ephie Dec. 30: ‘I and my family are safe. We are staying at home, until there will be an announcement about evacuation. Flower office is totally destroyed.’

Ayu and her family are fine. She is feeling quite tired and is now in Bireuen for two days staying with her family (having a break before going back to Banda Aceh).

Norma is fine. Her older brother and sisters and their family are lost, she does not know where they are. Last week I called Ephie for the check-in call. She is fine staying at home with her family.

Check-in call with Nana (RPuK Lhokseumawe) Dec. 28: ‘A lot of buildings are destroyed and people were forced to evacuate. RPuK Lhoks. is fine, but there is no information from Banda Aceh office. We are very busy helping refugees in the field.’

SMS from Khairani (RPuK Banda Aceh) Dec. 31: ‘The situation is bad and we will go to Lhokseumawe soon. Few stuff and family members are still missing.’

According to Ayu (Flower Aceh) all the members of RpuK are doing fine but there are still no news about Faisal (Koalisi). She was saying that almost all offices were destroyed except the one of RpuK.

Dr. Aidarus the coordinator of RATA died!!!

SMS from Junaidi Dec. 31: ‘I and my family are fine, but RATA office is destroyed. I’m still not sure what about other people.’

I’m in almost daily contact with Junaidi, because since I’ve joined the team we managed to establish good contact. He is calling to share some information and sometimes just to chat for a moment. Junaidi is still in Banda Aceh and currently is helping humanitarian aid workers from France in providing the help for refugees. He said that the general situation in Banda Aceh is getting better, but it’s difficult to buy anything (including food) and everything is expensive, for example renting a house for one year cost now about 100 million rupias and before it was about 30 million.

Always when Junaidi was calling me, he was also asking do I know something about Aidarus, because his house is totally destroyed and no one knows where he is. But I also didn’t know anything and was very worried, because Aidarus was the second person I’ve managed to establish good contact with! I’m the only person on the team who knows him good and who was staying in touch with him. Last Tuesday I talked to one person from Kontras, who said that Aidarus probably died. And this morning I’ve received phone call from Junaidi, he said that Aidarus died! he got this information from someone from Aceh Kita.

From Junaidi I got information that Hayatullah and Farida are fine, Farida is currently in Medan helping with trauma counselling.

Last Saturday I talked to Saiyah, she is fine as well and stays in her parent’s house in Medan.

SMS from Husni Dec. 29: ‘We are fine and safe. Today at about 2 pm we heard gunshots in the prison. The security forces are trying to keep the situation under control and prisoners are demonstrating, because they are scared to stay in cells, as they might be aftershocks (smaller earthquakes after the main one). Does PBI have special program to help Aceh?’

SMS from Husni Dec. 30: ‘People from Bireuen city and areas around spent last night in higher places as there was danger of tsunami. Now (9 am) people are back.’ Next SMS: ‘The security situation in the field is ok. Last night my brother came back from Banda Aceh and he said that the smell of dead bodies there is terrible, impossible to stand it. The biggest problem in Bireuen is that there aren’t enough people to distribute the aid in the field.’

This week I called Cut Anirta and she is fine staying at home with her family. She said that during the earthquake she was at home, but because her house is far from the sea, they were safe.

SMSs from Sulaiman Dec. 30 & 31: ‘For the last 3 days I was in Banda Aceh helping the victims together with Farida (I’m not sure if he means Farida from RATA). Please look for the aid for refugees and we are ready to help with distribution. All RATA Pidie members are safe, but I don’t know about RATA offices in other areas, because the communication is still not working very well.’

We still can’t contact Farida (earlier in RATA Pidie, now in RATA Banda Aceh) and other people in Pidie.

Phone call from Zoel Dec. 30: ‘I’m in Medan, but tomorrow will go back to Lhokseumawe. During the earthquake I was in Aceh, but I’m fine. I’m planning to go to West Aceh and help refugees there.’

Ilyas called this morning (Jan 6) and he is doing fine.


In addition, the following long list of Acehnese NGO activists who are accounted for was posted on the Aceh Kita discussion list Dec 28. (

Among those who are missing are Syarifah of LBH Banda Aceh. It is also believed that the well-known woman activist Cut Nur Asyikin and other prisoners at Lhok Nga jail, including the GAM negotiator Sofyan Ibrahim Tiba, were killed. Prisoners in the Banda Aceh jail and the Banda Aceh Polda (police station) also died.

Interim Data
Fellow activists in Aceh safe from Tsunami disaster

No Name Organization (name and NGO's name)
1. Ramadan WWF
2. Jumadi Walhi
3. Fahmi UML
4. Cut Hendon Walhi
5. Surna Lastri Koalisi NGO
6. Faisal Hadi Koalisio NGO
7. Fadli Suluh
8. Edi Flower
9. Erwin
10. Bambang Walhi
11. Haikal Forum LSM
12. Afrizal Citra Yappika
13. Kusnidar Koalisi NGO
14. Fakrul Walhi
15. Surip Koalisi NGO
16. Zulfikar Cordova
17. Yuli Koalisi NGO
18. Humam Hamid UML
19. Fuad Mardatilah
20. Nurul Islam
21. Fera Forum LSM
22. Roy
23. Muhammad H Fugar
24. Fakri Siahaian
25. Rani RPUK
26. Nurma Komnas
27. Acep FORAK
28. Zulsofyan FORAK
29. Firdaus APW
30. Indra YAB
31. Munzir Samak
32. Fatra Razni Koalisi NGO
33. Jumiran Koalisi NGO
34. Isak
35. Tabrani CCDE
36. Ayu Kontras
37. Nanto JRS
38. Syafi' Saraji PB HAM
39. Lela Flower
40. Ema FORAK
41. Rudi FORAK
42. Eeng
43. Rufriadi LMPA
44. Ikbal Farabi Kontras
45. Esi Zain PBHI
46. Ridwan
47. Maryani CCDE
48. Ari
49. Ratna LBH
50. Mimi Kontras
51. Yusuf Kontras
52. Zul Kontras
53. Ujang Kontras
54. Amri Kontras
55. Andi Rizal Kontras
56. Putri Walhi
57. Mizwar FORAK
58. Zulhanuddin Fugar
59. Saifuddin Fugar
60. Muhammad Dani Fugar
61. Syukran FUGAR
62. Desrizal Ekowisata

Note: Interim data as of 12PM West Indonesia Time, Thursday, Dec. 30, 2004

Iqbal from Kontras Aceh is also alive and well.

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