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Request for Effective Aid for Indonesian Earthquake Victims

An earthquake with 7.6 on Richter scale hit West Sumatera on September 30, 2009 at 17:16 hours Western Indonesia Time. The source was said to be originated at 57 km northwest of Pariaman, with 71 km in depth. It triggered other natural catastrophic disasters that claimed thousands deaths and missing persons. On October 2, 2009, CCEVI sent the letter to the Prime Minister (cc to Michael Ignatieff) about sending effective aid for these earthquake victims. On the same day CCNC also sent the letter to the PM as a token of support and solidarity.


October 2, 2009

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

Re: Emergency Aid for Earthquake Victims in Padang and the West Sumatra Region

Canadians Committed to Ethnic Voice in Indonesia (CCEVI) is a registered, non-profit organization whose members consist of concerned individuals committed to promoting human rights in Indonesia. We are writing you today, on behalf of our members whose families and friends are earthquake victims, to request that government emergency aid be provided in an effective and efficient way.

CCEVI appreciates the Government of Canada's willingness to offer humanitarian assistance, and asks that you consider the following to ensure aid effectiveness:

Financial aid should be channelled through local non-government-organizations that are directly involved with the crisis and day-to-day activities on site. If this is not possible, we encourage Canada to channel funds through Canadian international development and relief agencies in Indonesia. We strongly recommend that aid not be channelled through government agencies at the local, regional or national levels. Emergency aid should be allocated for efforts to save lives, provide medical treatment as well as temporary evacuation from the disaster zones. Long term financial aid should be coordinated with the local authorities responsible for disaster recovery and rehabilitation of their areas.

We thank you in advance for your favourable response and action to help the victims.

Respectfully yours,
Marcus Kwee & Nancy Slamet
Co-chairs of CCEVI


October 2, 2009

Right Honourable Stephen Harper
Prime Minister
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

By fax and by email

Dear Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

Re: Request for Emergency Aid to the Victims of Earthquake in Indonesia

I am writing on behalf of the Chinese Canadian National Council (CCNC) to urge the Canadian Government to provide generous aid to the victims of earthquake victims in Padang and the West Sumatra Region of Indonesia. The 7.9 Richter scale earthquake which struck the region on Wednesday was followed by a powerful aftershock on Thursday. We would urge our Government to provide generous humanitarian aid to the affected region by funding humanitarian aid agencies and local non-governmental groups to ensure that donations are directed to those in need.

Canada has recognized expertise in disaster relief. For example: Canadian manufacturers could provide pre-fabricated housing and water sanitation systems and community-based groups that could assemble medical teams and medicines. At the community level, CCNC is supporting appeals from local community and diaspora groups such as Canadians Committed to Ethnic Voice in Indonesia (CCEVI). We believe that Canadians will support and appreciate a generous aid response from the Canadian Government.

If we can be of further assistance to your officials, please contact our Executive Director Victor Wong at (416) 977-9871.

Colleen Hua
National President

cc. Hon Bev Oda
Hon. Jason Kenney
Hon. Lawrence Cannon
Hon. Alice Wong

Victor Wong
CCNC Executive Director
(416) 977-9871 (tel)
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