Monday, September 01, 2008

Reunion in A Mine Site

I had a business trip to Batu Hijau Site – the western part of Sumbawa Island. Can you guess what kind of mine site below?

There I met some of my seniors and juniors when I studied at Geology ITB – I met Edison Ali, Samuel Tirayoh, Widi, Dudi. Iwan Munajat was once worked there but he’s now in Sulawesi working with Iip Hardjana for one of the Australian mining companies. Jokingly I offered to be a courier for their vote to elect the 2008-2011 Chairman of IAGI (Ikatan Ahli Geologi Indonesia or Indonesia’s Professional Geologist Association). *smile*

Dudi gave me a tour to the mine site. He’s considered one of the experienced geologists on the site.

I couldn’t meet Dennis as he’s out of the mine site attending a forum for professional mine geologists.

The real surprise was when I met Rishad Pohan by coincidence – when I had breakfast. We worked in the same company more than ten years ago. *smile* But, we couldn’t talk much though because I had to hurry up to prepare for a management team meeting.

Follow this link for more pictures.

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