Friday, May 13, 2005

Black May 1998: 7th Commemoration (2 of 3)

Modern Holocaust in Indonesia
The following pictures provided by Tim Relawan (The Volunteer Team for Humanitarian Causes) speak very vividly about what took place during May 13-15 Holocaust in Indonesia.

UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women Report on Indonesia

45. During the events of May 1998 and the riots in Jakarta, there were many reports of rape of ethnic Chinese women. The Special Rapporteur's information corroborated the findings of the fact-finding commission set up to study the events.There was mass rape but the numbers are hard to determine since the Chinese community appears to be terrorized by the events and victims are reluctant to come forward. The Special Rapporteur spoke with victims, none of whom felt safe enough to report their cases to the police. The Special Rapporteur was also given video footage of the riots that show the military forces standing idly by as the riots continued, sometimes accepting drinks from the looters. Witnesses of these incidents corroborated the findings that the riots were instigated by outside provocateurs who invited the mobs to loot and destroy Chinese property. In addition, the events appeared to have taken place in different places at the same time. There is therefore enough evidence to suggest that the riots may have been organized. A thorough investigation of the riots is necessary and the perpetrators must be identified and punished. Unless this takes place, large segments of the Indonesian community will continue to live in fear and insecurity. [Read more...]

Other Documentation on May 1998 Riot in Indonesia

Sign petition for attorney general to bring justice to May 1998 riot victims
Asian Human Rights Commission - Urgent Appeals
20 June 2002

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has prepared an online petition to call on the attorney general of Indonesia to finally act to deliver justice to the victims of the May 1998 riot, an incident infamous throughout the world for severe sexual violence targeting Chinese Indonesians. You can sign this petition, which is available in English and Bahasa Indonesia and which already has about 300 signatories, at the following site: [Read more...]

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