Thursday, January 27, 2005

Crisis in Aceh ~ Field Reports

Acheh Field Report No. 10
23-26 Jan 2005


Midnight ~ Aceh Besar
TNI of Gampong Bung Simek, Kota Cot Glee, Kabupaten Aceh Besar launched an operation in the village of Keureuweng Blang and Kampung Siron. During this operation, the following villagers were beaten:

  • Manzani bin Rahman (46)
  • M.suid bin Wahab (55)
  • Yahya bin Ahmad (60)
  • Mustafa bin Ibrahim (25)
  • M.Nasir bin Sufi (18)
  • Baihaki bin Ibrahim (30)
  • Razali bin Abdullah (40)
  • Lahmuddin bin Syam (38)
  • Hanafiah bin Zakaria (30)

12.00 ~ Bireuen
Two men were shot by TNI behind an Islamic national elementary school (Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri, or MIN), Cot Tufah, Gandapura, Kabupaten Bireuen:

  • Kurniawan Yusuf (22), resident of Gampong Sp Rambong, Kecamatan Nisam.
  • M.Saleh M. Jafar (20) from Gampong Alue Mudek Kecamatan Sawang, Aceh Utara.

06.00 ~ Bireuen
TNI arrested five GAM family members after they failed to capture GAM guerrillas in Gampong Paya Blueu, Kecamatan Makmur, Kabupaten Acheh Bireuen. Those arrested were:
  • Ibrahim bn Ajad (48)
  • Khadijah (40)
  • Safriani bt Ibrahim (23)
  • Saifannur bn Saiful (22 months)
  • Ahmad ben Pakeh (59)

26.01.05 ~ 07.30

Interception of Ambon Pati (Apel Pagi) Raider Battalion 500. Mahasra Yudha delivered the following instructions (paraphrased): “With regard to the cease-fire, we will not be involved. We will remain firm to the purpose of our mission here - to crush GAM and find weapons. We will not change our position. Only when we have achieved our task will we return to the ‘hot city’ (Bandung). Raider Battalion 500 does not know the meaning of ‘cease-fire’. That is the business of the civilian authorities.”

17.30 ~ East Aceh

2 GAM guerrillas were killed during a gun battle in Keumuneng, Idi Rayeuk. One of them was Rusli ben Kasem. An AK rifle was found at the site of the incident.

It was also reported that in Idi Rayeuk, East Aceh, 64 households have been displaced by the earthquake and tsunami.


Acheh Field Reports No. 9
23 January 2005

10.45 ~ Alue Itam, Sungo Raya, Peureulak, East Acheh
Mariani binti Hasan, female, 19; Abdullah ben Hamid, 45, farmer, both from Alue Itam, were in critical condition, severely beaten by TNI Battalion 200 Raiders troops (anti-guerillas) who were conducting an operation into the village.

00.00 ~ Paya Gajah, Peureulak
M.Nur ben Muid, 32, trader, who had just returned from a business trip to Batam Island, was shot dead by troops of the Raiders 200. Trisula Company, team 3 commander took Rp 12.5 million from the victim who was executed in front of his family.

Lhok Paya, Peureulak. M.Nasir ben Saleh, 35, trader, resident of Batam island, is in critical condition, beaten up by Raider 500 Battalion based at Raja Meuligoe post who took Rp 8.5 million from him. Other villagers brutalized: Tjut Amat ben Jafar 65, farmer, his 3 children Zakaria 22, motorcycle taxi rider and M. Yusuf 26, farmer; Jalani 40, farmer, and also Rahman 50, farmer.

09.00 ~ Kabu, West Pereulak
Musliadi ben Said, 28, farmer, and Aminruddin ben Salewm, 20, trader, both residents of Kabu, in critical condition after being beaten by Kopassus Bukit Batee, West Pereulak. Troops also ransacked the home of another villager, Ibrahim ben Kasah, 45, farmer.

07.15 ~ Matang Gleu, Peureulak
TNA Panglima Sagoe Rambong Payong, Teungku Hasyim, 55, was shot dead in gun battle with TNI troops in Matang Gleu. Several fishermen were beaten: Abdullah ben Rusli, Mustapha ben Rusli, Abdul Gani ben Husin, Amri ben Dahlan. Rusli ben Abu Bakar, fisherman, and Teungku Idris ben Muhammat, teacher, were taken into detention.

14.15 ~ Alue Raya, Rantoe Seulamat
Jalaluddin, 29, fisherman, in critical condition after being beaten by Marines from Cot Girek post, Rantau Seulamat.

10.00 ~ Aim 3 Nurussalam, villagers were threatened to be shot (by Indonesian troops) when it was found they had extra rice. Juneidi ben Idris, 17, student, is in critical condition after being beaten by soldiers, who accused him of being a spy for GAM.

16.45 ~ Payaa Berunot, West Peureulak
Abdullah ben Muhammad Nasir, 23, a victim of the tsunami, who was returning to his parents was arrested by Marines from Seumatang post, Baro,West Peureulak, who accused him of being a member of GAM descending from the mountains.

10.00 ~ Meunasah Keutapang, Darul Aman
A gun-battle pursued between GAM and TNI troops. GAM fighters escaped unharmed.

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